Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

DKV ITS 2011-2012 present: Journey Chronomaly
14-15-16 December

At Cafe Kedai Koe
Jl. Darmokali No.58 Surabaya

Day 1 (14 Desember 2012) :
» Opening Ceremony at 16.00 PM
» Percussion Performance by Cinta Ibu
» Teatrical

Day 2 (15 Desember 2012) :
» Ilustration Workshop
» Accoustic Perform
» SLK Screen Printing Workshop
» Nonton Bareng

Day 3 (16 Desember 2012) :
» Accoustic Perform
» Dance
» Pathetic Experience
» Taman Nada
» Porn Ikebana

More Info :
Andry : 085674810699
Yogi : 08578551184

Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012


Subhanallah, walhamdulilah, walailahailallah, Allahuakbar.  Im very thankful to Allah for this surprised :”) after month for a month I felt sad, hopeless, and afraid cant make my dad and my mom proud, I finally got it! Allah was made my dream came true guys! Did you know how really happy I am when I read that news?  I cant describe it, im so happy until I cried!:')

I still remember when I fail the SNMPTN TULIS TEST. It was sooo bad, I felt very sad and angry, I even think I’ll throw away my dkv ITS dream, forget about it and change it with something that I never knew before… yeah you know it as my plan B (read my last post). But my deepest heart actually still hard to move on, it want me to tried again, my heart want me to sign up to smits ITS, so… as a girl, I follow my heart! and Alhamdulillah, Allah agree with me, he gaves me a very satisfied answer :)
This present make me realize that we should never lose our hope to Allah SWT, He knows everything better than me, better than anyone else in this world. He will give everything we want in the right place, in the right time, subhanallah :”)
And also Im very thankyou to all of you who pray harder for me guys! I finally make it! Thankyou sooo much! And yea, At the end of this post, here she is, a girl that finally got one of her dream, Sheilanda Dini Fenancy, a dkv college student of ITS  :D (Alhamdulillah) 
 the second time i've got a dissapointed news

third time! but i still survive...
 and after all of those,
Ignore my ugly face, just look at the result guys! Alhamdulillah right?! :D

Minggu, 08 Juli 2012

Shut Up, I'm Not Gonna Give Up

WELL.... YES, here i am, face a failure again on SNMPTN TULIS. feel sad? yes of course. but it doesnt mean i have to unhappy for the rest of my life. i ever heard once in the movie, "falling down sometimes is a good things. Because there's no way you can get out, except from rise to the top" so.... thats really motivate me to do something better than before. there are so many way to get my dream if i want to try more harder. so keep praying for me, i'll never give up. ITS DKV, wait me! or maybe right now i have a plan B, technobiomedic UNAIR, wait me!

Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

Its Called Struggle

Hello guys, well today is unforgetable day of my life. I finally can say "AKU LULUS" yea Alhamdulilah, i really thank to Allah who gave me this good news. but there's something that make me not really happy today. I did not pass the "undangan" selection. It means i have to study again to get my chance in snmptn tulis. I'm very sad, i cry for hour an hour but i know it wouldnt change anything. I have to accept it, i have to get up to study more hard for getting a chance in snmptn tulis. I should pass snmptn tulis test, MUST! :( Wish Me Luck GUYS!

Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

Once When I was Eighteen (i still eighteen!)

I'm just miss this moment...

this is the first time we hangout together after for a year we never  go out haha true bestfriends are always have a way to comeback. :)

Astik, Sarah & Bori, they both are my bestfriends too. they always made my day at school more fun, yeah you see, my birthday looks more exciting with their attendance. :)

dea is my lovely highschool bestfriends since first grade until now. And yes, at that day we wear the same typical shirt :p

 a pretty a day,(and every fades), is here and away(but born are maids to flower an hour in all,all)- A Pretty A Day, by E.E. Cummings


i'm having a hard time around this week. i'm overwhelmed.  im actually tired of acting like i dont care at all, acting like everything's okay. some people may said "then, stop" but i just cant. how many times they makes me feel angry, i just can't tell them. okay thats my bad habit, letting them torturing me, although i was actually able to stop it.

Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

My Bad

okaay call me moron for this time. Because my stupidness, i've lost my best 5 post from my blog. I meant to deleted some my draft post from my blog entry, but because of my stupidness, i forgot that my another post is being included. and yes... i've lost it right now. i tried to restore it but it didnt work. huaa i'm sorry guys :( well for next time, i'd be more carefully. X(